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Student Auxiliary

The main goal of the student auxiliary is to exist as an auxiliary body for the representation and development of the student nanotechnology community. Through the development of this component we hope to unify and help students in nanotechnology disciplines, through educational, professional and outreach opportunities.


One of the most promising components of the student auxiliary is the developing collaborative network.Through this network, we hope to form campus wide comprehensive lists of students, instrumentation, experimental methodology, ideas, etc.This component will help to educate the student community on campus research interests which will facilitate interdisciplinary graduate student collaborations.The development of these kinds of collaborations, is what the Nano Institute of Utah will be built upon. Graduate students are at the heart of the research, the heart of solving the world's problems, and of developing new ideas to solving those problems. This network could help to reduce the amount of work it takes to solve problems by generating or stimulating different access points to information. The network truly has the ability to bring together different expertise to work on common goals.


The graduate student component is also currently working on developing a variety of different outreach programs, to help facilitate education of the public in nanotechnology and the research that is currently underway here at The U. These programs will help to provide volunteer outlets for students in nanotechnology disciplines.


The student auxiliary is still in the infant stages of development, looking to solidify its direction and goals. Leadership and participation in this component will help to drive not only The Nano Institute forward but also original research here at the U. If you are interested in participating in the graduate student component please contact the current student auxiliary liaison, (TBD).

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Last Updated: 8/18/21