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Miao Xu, Benjamin R. Bunes, Ling Zang*, Paper-based Vapor Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide: Colorimetric Sensing with Tunable Interface, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2011, 3 (2011) 642-647.

Yanke Che, Helin Huang, Miao Xu, Chengyi Zhang, Benjamin R. Bunes, Xiaomei Yang, Ling Zang*, Interfacial Engineering of Organic Nanofibril Heterojunctions: a General Approach to High Photoconductivity, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 133 (2011) 1087-1091.

Fluorescent Nanoscale Zinc (II)-Carboxylate Coordination Polymers for Explosive Sensing, Chengyi Zhang,  Yanke Che, Zengxing Zhang, Xiaomei Yang and Ling Zang, Chem. Commun. 47 (2011) 2336-2338.

D. Chaudhuri, D.B. Li, Y. Che, E. Shafran, J. M. Gerton, L. Zang, and J. M. Lupton, Long-range exciton migration in molecular H-aggregate nanowires, Nano Lett., 11 (2011) 488-492.

Helin Huang, Yanke Che, Ling Zang*, Direct Synthesis of Highly Pure Perylene Tetracarboxylic Monoimide, Tetrahedron Letters, 51 (2010) 6651-6653.

Ling Zang, Max Yen, Kaushik Balakrishnan, Xiaomei Yang, Jeffrey S. Moore, Expedient Fabrication of Well-defined Nanofibers from a Macrocycle Molecule: Solution Controlled Self-assembly, Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems, 2010, vol. 223, issues 3-4, page 139-147.

Zengxing Zhang, Yanke Che, Ronald A. Smaldone, Benjamin R. Bunes, Jeffrey S. Moore,* Ling Zang,* Reversible Dispersion and Release of Carbon Nanotubes Using Foldable Oligomers, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 132 (2010) 14113-14117 .

Chengyi Zhang, Yanke Che,* Xiaomei Yang, Benjamin R. Bunes and Ling Zang,* Organic nanofibrils based on linear carbazole trimer for explosive sensing, Chem. Commun.46 (2010) 5560-5562.

Ismael Diez-Perez, Zhihai Li, Joshua Hihath, Jinghong Li*, Chengyi Zhang, Xiaomei Yang, Ling Zang*, Yijun Dai, Xinliang Feng, Klaus Muellen* and Nongjian Tao,* Gate-controlled electron transport in coronenes as a bottom-up approach towards graphene transistors, Nature Communications., 1, 1–5 (2010) DOI: 10.1038/ncomms1029.

Yanke Che, Xiaomei Yang, Zengxing Zhang, Jianmin Zuo, Jeffrey S Moore,* and Ling Zang*, Ambient Photodoping of p-Type Organic Nanofibers: Highly Efficient Photoswitching and Electrical Vapor Sensing of Amines, Chem. Commun.46 (2010) 4127-4129.

Yanke Che, Xiaomei Yang, Guilin Liu, Chun Yu, Hongwei Ji, Jianmin Zuo, Jincai Zhao,* and Ling Zang*, Ultrathin N-type Organic Nanobelts with High Photoconductivity and Application in Optoelectronic Vapor Sensing of Explosives, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 132 (2010) 5743-5750.

Yanke Che, Ling Zang*, Enhanced Fluorescence Sensing of Amine Vapor Based on Ultrathin Nanofibers. Chem. Commun., 2009, 5106-5108.

Yanke Che, Xiaomei Yang, Kaushik Balakrishnan, Jianmin Zuo, and Ling Zang*, Highly Polarized and Self-Waveguided Emission from Single-Crystalline Organic Nanobelts, Chem. Mater. 21 (2009) 2930-2934.

Miao Zhang, Qi Wang, Chuncheng Chen, Ling Zang, Wanhong Ma, Jincai Zhao, Oxygen Atom Transfer in the Photocatalytic Oxidation of Alcohols by TiO2: Oxygen Isotope Studies. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 48 (2009) 6081-6084. Highlighted as the cover picture.

Ling Zang*, Yanke Che, Jeffrey S. Moore*, One-Dimensional Self-Assembly of Planar pi-conjugated Molecules: Adaptable Building-Blocks for Organic Nanodevices. Accounts of Chemical Research, a special issue on nanoscience, 41 (2008) 1596-1608.

Tammene Naddo, Xiaomei Yang, Jeffrey S. Moore*, and Ling Zang*, Highly Responsive Fluorescent Sensing of Explosives Taggant with an Organic Nanofibril Film, Sensor Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical, 134 (2008) 287-291.

Yanke Che, Xiaomei Yang, Stephen Loser, and Ling Zang*, Expedient Vapor Probing of Organic Amines Using Fluorescent Nanofibers Fabricated from an n-Type Organic Semiconductor. Nano Lett.,8 (2008) 2219-2223.

Dan Zhao, Chuncheng Chen,* Yifeng Wang, Hongwei Ji, Wanhong Ma, Ling Zang, and Jincai Zhao,* Modification of Phosphate on the Surface of TiO2: Effect on Photocatalytic Activites and Mechanism Implication. J. Phys. Chem. B, 112 (2008) 5993-6001.

Dan Zhao, Chuncheng Chen,* Yifeng Wang, Wanhong Ma, Jincai Zhao,* Ling Zang, and Tijana Rajh, Enhanced Photocatalytic Degradation of Dye Pollutants under Visible Irradiation on Al(III)-Modified TiO2: Structure, Interaction, and Interfacial Electron Transfer. Environmental Science & Technology, 42 (2008) 308-314.

Yanke Che, Xiaomei Yang, Ling Zang*, Ultraselective Fluorescent Sensing of Hg2+ through Metal Coordination-Induced Molecular Aggregation, Chem. Commun. 2008, 1413-1415. Featured as a Hot Article.

Xiulan Li, Joshua Hihath, Fang Chen, Takuya Masuda, Ling Zang and Nongjian Tao*, Thermally Activated Electron Transport in Single Redox Molecules, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 129 (2007) 11535-11542.

Yanke Che, Aniket Datar, Kaushik Balakrishnan, and Ling Zang*, Ultralong Nanobelts Self-Assembled from an Asymmetric Perylene Tetracarboxylic Diimide, J. Am. Chem. Soc.129 (2007) 7234-7235. Highlighted in ACS Weekly News, June 6, 2007.

Tammene Naddo, Yanke Che, Wei Zhang, Kaushik Balakrishnan, Xiaomei Yang, Max Yen, Jincai Zhao, Jeffrey S. Moore*, and Ling Zang*, Detection of Explosives with a Fluorescent Nanofibril Film, J. Am. Chem. Soc.129 (2007) 6978-6979.Highlighted in ACS Weekly News, May 30, 2007, Nature Nanotechnology, May 25, 2007, and Materials Today, issue of July, 2007.

Yanke Che, Aniket Datar, Xiaomei Yang, Tammene Naddo, Jincai Zhao*, and Ling Zang*, Enhancing One-dimensional Charge Transport through Cofacial pi-Electronic Delocalization: Conductivity Improvement for Organic Nanobelts, J. Am. Chem. Soc.129 (2007) 6354-6355.

Ling Zang*, Jeffrey S. Moore, Max Yen, Kaushik Balakrishnan, Jialing Huang, Aniket Datar, Xiaomei Yang, and Tammene Naddo, Uniaxial optical and electronic properties of 1D nanomaterials fabricated from rigid, planar semiconductor molecules. PMSE Preprints96, 895-896 (2007).

Kaushik Balakrishnan, Aniket Datar, Jialing Huang, Xiaomei Yang, Jeffrey S. Moore, and Ling Zang*, Arylene ethynylene macrocycles: investigating the self-assembly and their respective binding with fullerenes - a new insight for development of opto-electronic devices. PMSE Preprints96, 938-939 (2007).

Aniket Datar, Kaushik Balakrishnan, Xiaomei Yang, Xiaobing Zuo, Jialing Huang, Randy Oitker, Max Yen, Jincai Zhao, David M. Tiede*, and Ling Zang*, Linearly Polarized Emission of an Organic Semiconductor Nanobelt, J. Phys. Chem. B, 110 (2006) 12327-12332.

Kaushik Balakrishnan, Aniket Datar, Tammene Naddo, Jialing Huang, Randy Oitker, Max Yen, Jincai Zhao, and Ling Zang*, Effect of Side-chain Substituents on Self-assembly of Perylene Diimide Molecules: Morphology Control, J. Am. Chem. Soc.128 (2006) 7390-7398.

Kasuhik Balakrishnan, Aniket Datar, Wei Zhang, Xiaomei Yang, Tammene Naddo, Jialing Huang, Jianmin Zuo, Max Yen, Jeffrey S. Moore*, and Ling Zang*, Nanofibril Self-assembly of an Arylene Ethynylene Macrocycle, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 128 (2006) 6576-6577.

Aniket Datar, Randy Oitker and Ling Zang*, Surface-assisted one-dimensional self-assembly of a perylene based semiconductor molecule, Chem. Commun., 2006, 1649-1651.

Yanke Che, Wanhong Ma, Hongwei Ji, Jincai Zhao*, Ling Zang, Visible Photooxidation of Dibenzothiophenes Sensitized by 2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-4, 6-diphenylpyrylium: An Electron Transfer Mechanism without Involvement of Superoxide, J. Phys. Chem. B,110 (2006), 2942-2948.

Jiahai Ma, Wanhong Ma, Wenjing Song, Yingping Huang, Chuncheng Chen, Yalin Tang, Jincai Zhao*, Yiming Xu, Ling Zang, Fenton Degradation of Organic Pollutants in the presence of Low-Molecular-Weight Organic Acids: Cooperative Effect of Quinone and Visible Light, Environmental Science and Technology,40 (2006), 618-624.

Xiulan Li, Bingqian Xu, Xiaoyin Xiao, Xiaomei Yang, Ling Zang* and Nongjian Tao*, Controlling Charge Transport in Single Molecules Using Electrochemical Gate, Faraday Discussion131 (2006), 111-120.

Pengxiang Lei, Chuncheng Chen, Juan Yang, Wanhong Ma, Jincai Zhao* and Ling Zang, Degradation of Dye Pollutants by Immobilized Polyoxometalate with H2O2 under Visible-Light Irradiation, Environmental Science and Technology,39 (2005), 8466-8474.

Kaushik Balakrishnan, Aniket Datar, Randy Oitker, Hao Chen, Jianmin Zuo, Ling Zang*, Nanobelt Self-assembly from an Organic n-Type Semiconductor: Propoxyethyl-PTCDI, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 127 (2005) 10496-10497.

Yanke Che, Wanhong Ma, Yanjun Ren, Chuncheng Chen, Xinzhi Zhang, Jincai Zhao*, Ling Zang, Photooxidation of Dibenzothiophene and 4,6-Dimethyldibenzothiophene Sensitized by N-Methylquinolinium Tetrafluoborate: Mechanism and Intermediates Investigation, J. Phys. Chem. B,109 (2005), 8270-8276.

Bingqian Xu, Xiaoyin Xiao, Xiaomei Yang, Ling Zang* and Nongjian Tao*, Large Gate Modulation in the Current of a Room Temperature Single Molecule Transistor, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 127 (2005) 2386-2387.


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