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Micro & Nano Systems Integration Cluster - Hanseup (Steve) Kim, Ph.D.


To study nano/micro fluidics systems (compressible gas, incompressible liquid) by investigating bio MEMS, micro chromatography, micro packaging/encapsulation, nano fabrication, energy harvesting, and system integration and reliability.

Living in the world with overflowing information, a traditional concept of Ph.D., "I am the expert on this little area," might not hold true anymore. Although it might not be like the old days when a philosopher was a doctor, lawyer, politician, mathematician, and physicist at the same time, we might be standing at a turning point of academia requiring us to be able to manage and fuse multiple disciplines and createwhole new values that was not possible in narrowly-focused "expert" era. My research philosophy is to continue narrowly-focused pursuit of important scientific challenges, but to create inter-disciplinary engineering solutions, particularly based on micro and nano technology.

Utah is indeed in the middle of the Nations' steepest rides in its Engineering Program. The USTAR program recently brought together the world's most renowned faculty. We have the largest MEMS/Microsystems Faculty group in any U.S. Universities. The >$150M USTAR building, that includes the state-of-art Nano Fabrication Cleanroom Facility as well as cell-culture and animal testing laboratories, will house my research group. I am truly excited about the wonderful research we can do during the upcoming years!

Lab Contact Information

MEB 50 S Central Campus Dr. Rm. 4108
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Phone: 801-587-9497
Last Updated: 8/17/21