Nanotechnology Biosensors Cluster -
Porter Lab - Principal Investigator

Marc D. Porter, Ph.D.

Professor Marc Porter joined the Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the University of Utah as a USTAR Professor from Arizona State University where he was the founder and director for the Center for Combinatorial Science at the BioDesign Institute. He is an expert in the development of biosensors for early disease detection.

Dr. Porter is an analytical chemist who began his academic career at Iowa State University where he was professor of Chemistry and Chemical and Biological Engineering, as well as director of the Institute for Combinatorial Discovery and the University's Microanalytical Instrumentation Center. He is a co-founder of Nanopartz, a company which manufactures gold nanoparticles, one of the most widely used classes of nanomaterials for chemical, bio-analytical, biomedical, optical and nanotech- nological applications. The company has the ability to prepare gold monodisperse nano-particles of desired sizes and shapes in a systematic way. Other companies co-founded by Porter include Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc., which manufactures high performance analytical instrumentation, CombiSep, Inc., which markets an analytical separation device, and Concurrent Analytical, which has developed the Ramanprobes™ System, a new-generation immunoassay system, for detecting and labeling antigens. This system received the prestigious R&D 100 Award in 2003. The award, sponsored by R&D Magazine, honors the top 100 products of technological significance marketed or licensed during the previous year.

Dr. Porter has over 200 publications and has given over 300 presentations at national and international meetings. He holds over 10 patents, with several more pending.


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