Utah Center for Nanomedicine

The convergence of recent advances in nanotechnology with modern biology and medicine has created the new research domain of nanobiotechnology. Application of nano-biotechnology in medicine such as development of new devices and tools, clinical approaches and therapies is termed nanomedicine.

Successful research and development in nanomedicine where ultimately patients and the general public can benefit from these new technologies require the interaction of a multitude of disciplines including chemistry, material science and engineering, cellular biology, pharmaceutical sciences and clinical translational research. The need to establish focal points of multi-disciplinary research to spur development of modern functional nanosystems for use in medicine has been recognized in the scientific community and by state and federal agencies.

This is evident by priority areas of National Nanotechnology Initiative, the NIH Roadmap Initiative, the Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative and the establishment of several centers focused on nanotechnology and nanomedicine across the US and elsewhere in the world. The University of Utah is in a unique position to capitalize on the ongoing research in various schools, colleges and programs on campus for the development of novel nanoconstructs for use in medicine, understanding their interactions with cellular and physiological barriers and translating this research to the clinic.

As an integral part of the Nano Institute of Utah the Center for Nanomedicine will create a multidisciplinary research environment that will provide expertise and foster collaborations for the design, development and clinical translation of nanosystems for use as therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.


Last Updated: 9/28/18