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Nano Centers

Utah Center for NanoBioSensors

The development of ultra-sensitive biological and chemical sensors is one of the grand scientific, engineering, and educational challenges of the 21st century. The Utah Center for NanoBioSensors is addressing this challenge by developing sensor platforms that exploit breakthroughs in nanomaterials, miniaturization, sample collection, preparation strategies, and signal detection.

Utah Center for Nanomedicine

Our vision is to improve health by enhancing the safety and effectiveness of new and existing therapeutic and diagnostic agents through the discovery and application of innovative nanosystems and devices.

Utah Center for Nanomaterials

Our interest is in the chemistry and fundamental properties of functional nanomatierials and their uses in life science, medicine and related advanced technologies. We study materials with morphological features on the nanoscale, and especially those that have special properties stemming from their nanoscale dimensions

Utah Center for Interfacial Science

Interface Science concentrates on the structure and properties of the internal interfaces in solids. The inherently interdisciplinary nature of interfacial phenomena extends through materials science, physics, chemistry and mechanics, spanning a broad range of materials.

Utah Center for  System Integration

Efforts are focused on fabrication and engineering down to the nanometer scale to produce a wide range of novel devices, materials and integrated systems. This includes the creation and characterization of new metamaterials and the study of biomimetics, which aims to borrow evolutionary solutions to optical and mechanical problems from the natural world. Nano system integration interfaces between nanodevices and the outside world.

Last Updated: 6/22/22