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Jennifer Shumaker-Parry, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

Chemistry Department Profile

office: 801-585-1434

Mailing Address:
Henry Eyring Building 2504 HEB-S 315 S 1400 E Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Our research efforts are focused on the development of plasmonic structures and nanoparticle assemblies with tunable optical properties and surface plasmon resonance-based sensing and spectroscopy platforms, particularly for biomolecule analysis. Our projects can be divided into three main areas:

• Tunable plasmon-based sensing and spectroscopy platforms based on structural control and organized nanoparticle assembly
• Solution-based synthesis of metal nanoparticles using novel reducing agents that serve dual roles and provide additional control of materials properties
• Label-free, high-throughput bioassays based on surface plasmon resonance microscopy

The broad nature of the multi-disciplinary research requires methods and tools from analytical chemistry, surface chemistry, biochemistry, materials science, nano/microfabrication, optics, spectroscopy, and microscopy. In addition to our focus on sensing and spectroscopy, our research will impact many areas of science and engineering using localized and propagating plasmons, including micro- and nano-scale device fabrication, nano-scale microscopy, nanolithography, solar energy conversion, and sensor development.

Last Updated: 8/16/21