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Glenn Prestwich, Ph.D.

image of doctor prestwich

Presidential Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry; Special Assistant to the President for Faculty Entrepreneurism; Director, Center for Cell Signaling; Director, Center for Therapeutic Biomaterials; Adjunct Professor, Departments of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Bioengineering; Program Leader, Molecular Pharmacology Program, Huntsman Cancer Institute

Prestwich Research Group

office: 801-585-7396
fax: 801-585-9053

Mailing Address:
419 Wakara Way Rm 205 Salt Lake City, UT 84108

The research interests of the Prestwich lab are hyluronic acid and tissue engineering. The lab is focusing on two main research areas: phospholipid/phosphoinositide signaling and therapeutic biomaterials.

Last Updated: 8/16/21