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Leonard F. Pease III, Ph.D.

picture of doctor pease

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering

office: 801-585-2284
fax: 801-585-9291

Mailing Address:
Merrill Engineering Building 50 S Central Campus Dr Rm 3290 Salt Lake City, UT

Dr. Pease’s current interests center around understanding soft complex nanomaterials and nanoscale biological particles, and in their use to fight disease. His team is developing a world-class capability in measuring the size of nanomaterials and correlating the size with the structure and function of the nanomaterials. A technique known as ES-DMA can measure the size of millions of particles per hour (much faster than TEM or AFM!). Dr. Pease’s team has applied this technology to determine the number of DNA strands or proteins on gold particles, quantified the number of quantum dots in a cluster, tracked the aggregation of pharmaceutical agents and fibrillation of misfolded proteins, and confirmed the surface modification of virus-like particles.

Last Updated: 8/16/21