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You Han Bae, Ph.D.


Professor, Departments of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Bioengineering

You Han Bae's Webpage

office: 801-585-1518
fax: 801-585-3614 

Mailing Address:
421 Wakara Way, #315 Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 

Prof. Bae's group primarily focuses on biofunctional polymers for delivery applications ranging from low molecular weight anticancer drugs to high MW proteins and genes to cells.

In cancer nanotechnology area, the group is interested in developing targeting systems to acidic extracellular pH (pHe) which apply for most solid tumors. The systems accelerate the release rate of incorporated aniticancer drug triggered by pHe or convert tumor non-specific interactions to tumor specific interaction under acidic tumor pHe. Another technology which can circumvent multidrug resistance (MDR) is under active development. MDR is one of major reasons for the failure of cancer chemotherapy.

For protein delivery, reversible electrostatic interaction between PEG-b-polyelectolyte and target protein is an underlying principle utilized for protein stabilization in aqueous solution, water/organic interface, and PLGA microspheres. Targeting protein to a specific site is also our interest.

A range of biological active polymers are being investigated to protect pancreatic islets from hypoxic condition and radical damage and promote insulin secretion function. Genetic modification of pancreatic beta cells is another challenge of our design of functional polymers.

Last Updated: 8/16/21