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Scott L. Anderson, Ph.D.


Professor, Physical & Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

Anderson Research Group

office: 801-585-7289
fax: 801-581-8433

Mailing Address:
Henry Eyring Building 315 S 1400 E Rm 1216 HEB-N Salt Lake City, UT 84112

The major focus of Dr. Anderson’s research is on the dynamics of chemical reactions, especially in extending dynamics studies to relatively complex systems, ranging from polyatomic molecules to clusters and surfaces. He has related interests in analytical chemistry, energetic materials, spectroscopy, and film growth. Concerning nanomaterials, Dr. Anderson’s research covers nanostructured surfaces/interfaces and nanocatalysis by: 1) Preparing nanostructured surfaces by depositing size-selected metal clusters on single crystal surfaces, then studying their physical and chemical properties. Application is mostly to catalysis, though there are connections with film growth, nanostructure stability, electronic materials, etc; and 2) Preparing and characterizing activity of soluble core/shell nanoparticles targeted as combustion catalysts and fuels for propulsion applications.

Last Updated: 8/16/21