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Hamid Ghandehari, Ph.D.


Co-Director, Nano Institute of Utah; Director, Utah Center for Nanomedicine; Co-director, Nanotechnology Graduate Training Program; USTAR Professor, Departments of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Bioengineering

Ghandehari Research Group

Center for Nanomedicine

Biomedical Device Innovation Cluster

office: 801-587-1566
fax: 801-581-6321

Mailing Address:
36 S Wasatch Dr, SMBB 5205, Salt Lake City, UT 84112

The main focus of research in the Ghandehari laboratory is the development of novel methods for controlled delivery of bioactive agents. Four areas are being explored: 1) Genetically engineered polymers for gene delivery; 2) Water-soluble polymers for targeted delivery; 3) Poly (amidoamine) dendrimers for oral delivery; and 4) Inorganic nanoconstructs for controlled chemical delivery.



Last Updated: 8/16/21