Ryan Robinson, Bioengineering Undergraduate Student and Senior working in Dr. Hamid Ghandehari’s lab, has recently won the first place award at the University of Notre Dame’s national nanotechnology competition.

The inaugural event and competition, NDConnect Undergraduate Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Research Competition, was recently hosted September 30, 2011 by the University of Notre Dame’s Center for Nano Science and Technology.  Robinson’s award-winning idea is creating gold nano cages containing chemotherapy drugs.  These cages could then be zapped with a laser, causing the cancer-fighting drugs to enter directly into a tumor.  Ryan’s work is based on research by Younan Xia at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri.  Robinson’s work is still in the early stages of development.  It can take up to 17 years for a novel drug-delivery method to reach patients, and will take several more years of testing and fine-tuning.

Robinson has been interested in nanotechnology since he first approached the subject for an eighth grade science project and took initiative to come to the Nano Institute and introduce himself to Dr. Ghandehari three years ago.  Robinson was valedictorian for Taylorsville High School, and has been working in Ghandehari’s lab under the mentorship of Graduate Research Assistant and PhD Candidate Adam Gormley, also a Bioengineering student. Dr. Hamid Ghandehari advises Robinson and Gormley and is a USTAR Professor of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Bioengineering as well as Co-director of the Nano Institute and Director of the Utah Center for Nanomedicine.

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