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Nanosilver Mutates Fish Embryos

Over the last 3 years the use of nanotechnology in industrial products has increased about 380%. But while this rapid technological growth has yielded many benefits, the environmental impacts of nanoparticles in consumer products might have adverse consequences. Dr. Darin Furgeson has studied the effects of fish embryos exposed to nano-silver particles, one type of nanoparticle that can easily wash away through sewage systems, bypassing filtration to end up in natural water repositories. Dr. Furgeson has learned that the silver often mutates the fish if it doesn't kill them. Scientists do not yet fully understand what this might mean for human and/or ecological health, but the implications of toxicity have warranted serious investigation of several different types of nanoparticles. Read more about these investigations in the November 17, 2009 article for Scientific American by Gordon Shetler (click here).

Last Updated: 8/17/21