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New IGERT at the U of U

The Nano Institute is very pleased to announce that a new IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) has been awarded to the University of Utah. Spearheaded by USTAR Professor of Chemistry, Marc Porter, this award of $3 Million will span the next five years and will fund stipends, tuition and fees for several predoctoral students. Each predoctoral student will receive support for two years. The title of the award is IGERT: Nanobiosensors, Nanomaterials, and Microfluidics. The Chemistry Department is now accepting applications for the first group of 6 because a professor in that department is Co-chair of the recruiting committee for this IGERT. Predoctoral students may come from varying fields such as chemistry, biology, engineering, and the health sciences. NSF requires that all IGERT supported students are US citizens or permanent residents and woman and members of underrepresented groups are encouraged to participate. The University of Utah requires each student to be accepted into a Ph.D. program. For more information please contact the Department of Chemistry.

Last Updated: 8/17/21