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Companies Commercialized Through Nano Institute of Utah

Part of the Vision and Mission of the Nano Institute of Utah is to help members commercialize their nanoscience discoveries through technology transfer, identification and promotion of entrepreneurial opportunities, and development of new high-tech companies.

Two success stories have emerged from this goal with the incorporation of TheraTarget, Inc. and NanoDygm, Inc.

TheraTarget was founded through the Nano Institute of Utah by members Jindrich “Henry” Kopecek, and Hamid Ghandehari. The company focuses on Polymer Therapeutics and provides a service for synthesizing customized polymer-drug conjugates

NanoDygm was founded through the Nano Institute of Utah by member Marc Porter. The company has developed biodetection capability using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectrometry to detect infectious or genetic disease, agents of bioterrorism or biological toxins.

Last Updated: 8/17/21