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The Nano Institute of Utah Membership Policy

  1. Introduction. The Nano Institute of Utah is a research institute, not a traditional academic department. Members of the Nano Institute are also associated with an academic department and must adhere to the requirements and standards of that department. The purpose of this policy is to further the Nano Institute's mission by aiding the establishment of productive and mutually beneficial relationships with (1) the faculty members who will direct the Institute's research programs and (2) with the departments in which those faculty members have academic appointments.
  2. Eligibility for membership. Applications for membership will be evaluated by a Membership Committee who will have as the primary evaluative criterion the potential of the applicant to further the goals of the Nano Institute.
  3. Conditions of appointment. Members will have rolling membership and will be evaluated annually by the Membership Committee. The general criterion for continued membership will be the continued value of the member's work to the Nano Institute's particular research goals. More specifically, faculty members will be expected to submit their grant proposals through the Nano Institute when it is appropriate, acknowledge their membership with the Nano Institute in their publications, and generally use their best efforts to further the goals and interests of the Nano Institute.

Nano Institute of Utah Membership Application

Interested individuals, please download and complete this MEMBERSHIP FORM, then return via email to or fax to 801-581-6321.

Last Updated: 8/18/21