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Goals of the Nano Institute of Utah


  • Build Industrial partnerships

  • Foster a collaborative environment

  • Pursue technology transfer

  • Commercialize research-driven technologies

  • Enable industries to:

○  Assess emerging technologies

○  Transform aging technologies

○  Adopt applications critical for commercial use

○  Upgrade methodologies

○  License new Technologies

○  Promote entrepreneurial opportunities

○  Start new businesses

Role of Industrial Partners

  • Participate as members of NIU Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)

  • Access Intellectual Property via non-exclusive, royalty-free licenses for internal research purposes

  • Option to a limited exclusive commercial license

  • Partner in design of cross-cutting curricula for workforce development

  • Participate in beta testing of emerging technologies

  • Opportunity to create internships and postdoctoral fellowships

  • Assess future workforce

  • Input in charting NIU strategic vision

    •     Identify relevant research projects and plans
    •     Input on progress toward goals and milestones
    •     Review invention disclosures and suggest patent action
    •     Invest in student training
    •     Sponsor scholarships
  • Annual fee to support NIU research, operations and technology transfer activities

Companies can find additional information on the Industrial Partners Program by contacting the NIU at


Last Updated: 8/18/21