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Research Areas

Existing research among University of Utah faculty and their collaborators covers a broad range of nanoscience and nanotechnology research themes that can be divided into at least six major areas including, but not limited to: Nanomaterials, Interfacial Sciences, Nanomedicine, Nanobiosensors, Advanced Diagnostics, and System Integration and Reliability representing faculty from the Colleges of Engineering, Pharmacy, and Science; the Health Sciences campus including the School of Medicine and Huntsman Cancer Institute. For a partial list of faculty members interested in nanotechnology and nanosceince research, visit our Members page. Faculty who are involved in nanotechnology research and education will comprise the backbone of the program. Click here for a PDF List of Faculty who are specifically involved in the Nanotechnology Training Program. The following University ofUtah departments are represented by our participating faculty:

Anesthesiology, Bioengineering, Biology, Biomedical Informatics, Cardiothoracic Division, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Geology,Internal Medicine, Division of Oncology, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,Medicinal Chemistry, Metallurgical Engineering [BROKEN LINK], Nano Institute, Obstetrics & Gyncecology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Physics, Radiology, Surgery.

Last Updated: 7/11/22