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Nano Institute of Utah Leadership

The leadership of the Nano Institute of Utah is comprised of a core leadership team.

Marc Porter, Ph.D.

Marc Porter, Ph.D.
Director, Nano Institute of Utah
Director, Utah Center for NanoBioSensors.
USTAR Professor, Departments of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Pathology

Hamid Ghandehari, Ph.D.

Hamid Ghandehari, Ph.D.
Co-director, Nano Institute of Utah
Director, Utah Center for Nanomedicine
USTAR Professor, Departments of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Bioengineering.

Ling Zang

Ling Zang, Ph.D
Director, Utah Center for Interfacial Sciences
Nano Institute of Utah
USTAR Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Chemistry

D Cheney

Darwin L. Cheney, Ph.D.
Associate Director
Nano Institute of Utah
Pres/CEO, TheraTarget, Inc

Last Updated: 9/28/18