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Benefits of Member Participation

The Nano Institute of Utah enables Utah researchers from disciplines such as chemistry, physics, biology engineering, medicine, and pharmacy to create synergistic alliances which drive higher levels of innovative and collaborative research, education and commercialization.

Innovation is promoted by creating an interdisciplinary environment that fosters new ideas, obtains large interdisciplinary grants to stretch the boundaries of science, maintains strategic connections with Utah's life science, technology and business communities, and develops partnerships with nanotechnology advocacy organizations

Progress in nanotechnology requires collaboration which may be difficult to achieve among researchers in different departments. The Nano Institute promotes such collaborations by identifying collaboration opportunities, identifying funding sources, fostering multi-departmental and multi-institutional partnerships, and supporting applications for interdisciplinary government grants

The Nano Institute offers assistance with education through its members teaching nanotechnology topics at the undergraduate and graduate levels to train a new generation of scientists, practitioners and engineers. In addition, the Nano Institute coordinates news releases and media events with the university's public relations teams, provides outreach efforts to the community, including schools, businesses and the government, develops competitive educational training and work-force development programs for the broader Utah nanotechnology community, and disseminates research and results in the Nano Institute publications and programs

Breakthroughs originating from nanoscience research throughout the state are targeted for commercialization. The Nano Institute partners with the Technology Commercialization Office to support this processby patenting promising intellectual property of new nanoscience discoveries, promoting the formation of new high tech companies to drive commercialization, and aggressively pursuing licensing agreements with Utah's life science, technology and business communities

The result of these efforts will be to position Utah as a global leader in nanoscience and technology distinguished by interdisciplinary collaboration and entrepreneurial excellence.

Last Updated: 3/27/18